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Hair transplantation is a life choice. It can help someone regain their lost hair, changing their appearance once and for all.

With healthy hair, which may be washed, cut, grown and dyed, like all hair, since there is nothing different about it.

In recent years, the hair transplantation techniques have been developed, with particularly positive results for both men and women.

This is a procedure recommended to those who have a genetic predisposition for androgenetic alopecia.

In order for hair transplantation to be performed, hair follicles are usually removed from the back of the candidate’s head.

Most people have stable hair growth on the back and sides of the head.

It is about the donor area which is evaluated according to the extent, density of the hair and the elasticity of the skin. In the rest of the head, the hair is considered as variable and, at some point, it shall show a small or a great deal of thinning.

It’s the area which needs new hair follicles. The relationship between the donor and the recipient area is the one which determines the final result.

As for the duration of the procedure, some other important details, such as the choice of hair transplantation technique, vary.

The duration of hair transplantation varies. Three to four hours are necessary for the change the interested person seeks to change their appearance.

What is certain is that the hair transplantation surgery performed by the Dermatologist – Dermatologist, Dr. Ioannis Papaggelopoulos, and his team at Hairtransplant offer all the guarantees for excellent results.

A characteristic of the group of doctors of the first specialized hair transplantation clinic, is the know-how of the surgical hair restoration, the sincere evaluation of the patient’s options for dealing with the problem, and the intense aesthetic judgment in hair transplantation.

That is why Dr. Ioannis Papaggelopoulos and the Hairtransplant team guarantee not only the best aesthetic result, but also the best personalized hair transplantation.

And they do not just say so. They do so, through a written guarantee of results.

This way, Hairtransplant has climbed and remains at the top, as it is the only center where hair transplantation is performed by specialized surgeons in the presence of all the necessary specializations (dermatologist, plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses) which are necessary in such a difficult technical procedure, in order for it to be painless and successful.

Those interested in visiting Dr. Ioannis Papaggelopoulos may choose between three techniques:

The Strip Hair Transplant (FUT), the most widely used method in the world, the Micro-strip Hair Transplantation applied at the Hairtransplant clinic only, and the FUE, a Hair Transplantation Technique which, in recent years, has had a great impact, as it is considered as less invasive.

Everybody should know that each hair transplantation case is unique, and in order for the appropriate treatment method to be chosen, an appointment with the dermatologist-dermasurgeon and the special medical team should take place.