This method of hair transplantation is an evolution of the strip method and it was first applied by Dr. G. Papaggelopoulos’s medical team in 2007.

The micro-strip method is applied to candidates for hair transplantation who can not get grafts through the classic strip method, due to lack of elasticity of the donor area, but also in cases of a very small donor area.

Because the number of transplants we receive in this hair transplant method is proportional to the number of the classic strip method, it can be applied to candidates who do not wish to follow the strip method, for their own personal reasons, for the receiving of a strip or the FUE.

The particle size we receive through the microstrip hair transplantation method does not exceed 2.5 to 3 cm and leaves no scar marks, since it is performed by a specialized dermasurgeon.

The case of graft loss trgarding the microstrip hair transplantation method – as with the strip method – is negligible compared to the FUE, where up to 30% of grafts can be lost due to their “blind” mode of receiving (see FUE technique).