Hair Transplant – Cost

Hair transplantation cost concerns all patients, and Hair Transplant could only take into account this for care provision.

Hair transplantation cost is directly influenced by:
1) The hair transplantation method that meets your needs
2) The degree of your hair loss problem
3) The physician/clinic you decide to trust.
Initially, you should have in mind that the cost is an important criterion, but hair transplantation is a life choice. During the past years, hair transplantation methods have advanced, having particularly positive results both for men and for women.
Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos and the Hair Transplant’s team guarantee not only the optimal aesthetic result, but also the best personalised hair transplantation. And this is not only words. This is something they do with written guarantee of results. This is how Hair Transplant reached and is still at the top, being the only centre where hair transplantation is performed by specialised surgeons will all the necessary skills (dermatologist, plastic surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses) for such a technically difficult intervention to make it painless and successful.

Following this, those who will visit Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos can choose among three techniques: FUE hair transplantation, Micro-strip hair transplantation, which is exclusively performed in Hair Transplant Clinic, and Strip (FUT) hair transplantation. The physician chooses the most appropriate method depending on each individual case, having as a sole criterion the ideal choice for each patient. All people should know that each hair transplantation case is special, and the right treatment method should be chosen after an appointment with the dermatologist – dermasurgeon and a specialised medical team.
The cost of your own personal hair transplantation can only be determined after an appointment with the specialised dermatologist – dermasurgeon. After deciding the hair transplantation method that best suits your needs and the session(s) that will be required, then the final cost can be determined. And there is only one thing for sure: patient safety and services quality are never compromised in Hair Transplant Clinic.
It can be guaranteed that the result of the hair transplantation procedure performed by the Dermatologist – Dermasurgeon Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos and his team in Hair Transplant will be excellent.
The first specialised hair transplantation clinic’s physicians team is characterised by the excellent know-how of hair surgical treatments, the accurate evaluation of the patient’s problem and treatment methods, as well as by their focus on the final aesthetic result when performing the hair transplantation.
Therefore, it is important not to trust hair transplantation to clinics that may look cheap and give you a low cost without evaluating your case in person. It is very likely that this will lead to hair transplantation failure and exacerbation of the already existing problem. On the other hand, you can ask for the cost of hair transplantation in Hair Transplant, by sending us the diagnosis electronic form and book an appointment HERE free of charge for our first meeting.