Hair Transplantation – Techniques

In the Western world, hair transplantation in men is the most popular aesthetic surgery, especially in recent years, where the newest hair transplantation techniques are performed, with unprecedented results, in both the male and female sex.

Which techniques are successfully applied at the Hair Transplant Hair Transplantion Medical Center?

  • Strip (FUT): This is the most widespread method of hair transplantation. The hair follicles are taken from the donor’s strong area and placed in the recipient area. The procedure is relatively painless, the recovery time is short and leaves no marks or scars.
  • Micro-strip: When the donor area is unable to provide any hair follicles, the doctor chooses the development of the strip method, the Micro-strip one, which is a well documented and tested technique with amazing results and no side effects.
  • FUE: In this method, each hair follicle is received separately, independently and diffusely from different areas of the scalp.
  • Eyebrow Transplantation: This is an ultra-sophisticated micro-transplantation, which successfully replaces the areas where thinning is observed, resulting in the natural eyebrow curve.

Are all candidates suitable for hair transplantation?

Invasive methods can be applied to men and women who suffer from androgenetic-type alopecia, to people with cicatricial (scarring) hair loss forms or to obvious problems of thinning.

Each patient case is separate and in order for an appropriate treatment method to be chose, what must be preceded is an appointment with the Dermatologist – Dermasurgeon and the special medical team.

Shall the scarcity of hair follicles show in the donor area?

The hair growth in the donor area is so intense and dense that it is exploitable at a rate that reaches 50%, that is, approximately 30,000 hairs.

Is it suitable for all those who suffer from thinning and alopecia?

Almost all hair transplantation techniques can be applied to the majority of the population. Upon the diagnosis, the doctor recommends the technique he thinks is the most effective of all.

Does hair transplantation hurt?

The pain of hair transplantation is often compared to the inconvenience we experience when visiting the dentist. Along with the anesthesia, the patients feel less and less annoyed.

Do not let hair loss affect your psychology! Choose a technique that’s right for you, together with your doctor!