Strip Hair Transplantation

Strip Hair Transplantation Technique

The Strip Hair Transplantation (FUT) is the most widely used and successful hair transplantation method worldwide and is applied by the Dermatologist-Dermosurgeon Dr. Giannis Papaggelopoulos in its most modern and sophisticated version. The capabilities of the Strip Hair Transplantation (FUT), when combined with high-level surgical capabilities, aesthetic perception and experience, can lead to a purely natural result of high quality and aesthetics.

Hair Transplantion Procedure:

    1. Receiving of the hair follicles from the back and side of the head
    2. Transfer of the hair follicles to the head area which presents a thinning

The Strip Hair Transplantation Method (FUT) substantially reproduces the natural way of hair growth because the hair grows on sets of 1 to 4 hairs. The FUT hair transplantation technique is performed through the massive extraction of hair follicles from a fixed hair growth zone (back and side of the head) and their transplanting into the receiving area of the thinning.

The advantages of the Strip Hair Transplantation (FUT) method

  • Painless surgery. With the advanced form of the strip method and its strict application protocol, hair transplantation is completely painless. Previously, there was a slight pain in about 30% of the treated patients, but, today, there is no pain in hair transplantation because we now use slow-release anesthetics to eliminate the chances of pain.
  • Painless postoperative course (only a mild discomfort in the donor area for the first two 24 hours which is treated with common analgesics).
  • Sealing of the donor area, which leaves an “invisible” scar which is only detectable by a specialist and by a close examination of the scalp.
  • No postoperative edema. Previously, a percentage of people undergoing hair transplantation presented a post-operative temporary frontal edema, but now, through the protocol applied by our medical team, swelling rarely occurs.
  • Absence of graft loss because the separation of hair follicles is performed using a stereoscopic microscope.

In order for hair transplantation to be fully successful, Dr. Giannis Papaggelopoulos designs the individual personalized hair transplantation plan for each individual separately, which takes all the parameters into account (elasticity-donor density-future transplantation repetition) and the characteristics of the interested person, contributing to the designing of a hair transplanting which shall be perfectly suited to the interested individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does healing complete?

Within a few days, both the donor and the receiving area heal, since the areas which the hair follicles were obtained from have a tiny gap.

How long does the result last?

The result of hair transplantation lasts for a lifetime. The zone which the hair follicles were transferred from is very stable and the grafts are very strong in both the texture and hair colour. The final result is one of the greatest advantages of the method, especially when it comes from an experienced medical staff.

When will the new hair appear?

On the transported hair follicles, there are already some small hairs, which, after the transplantation, some fall and others remain, growing. The rest will re-grow after some time and, within about 12 months, you will be able to enjoy the permanent result.