The steps during hair transplantation are organized in such a way that a team of doctors and skilled personnel can, following the strict protocols, perform the whole process in an organized and successful manner.

Under a condition which is not always obvious: The know-how of the plastic surgeon or dermatologist, as well as of the other doctors of the team.

In the case of Dermatologist – Dermatologist, Dr. Ioannis Papagelopoulos and his team, things are very specific and clear:

Hair transplantation surgery is performed using innovative hair follicle transplantation techniques, using extensive experience.

In this manner, the HAIRTRANSPLANT specialized partners have the extensive experience, as well as the continuous education and training, but have also accumulated the necessary know-how to achieve the safest and best result.

Having already performed thousands of surgeries, they have climbed up to rank as one of Europe’s leading specialized Hair Transplantation Clinics.

That is why the know-how of the specialized doctors is an essential condition for hair transplantation. And that is one more reason, for the people working in equipped hair clinics, to have absolute expertise and extensive experience in the field of hair transplantation.

And know-how is necessary to ensure that, during the transplantation process, the extraction of hair follicles is performed in such a way that they retain all their properties and are protected, so that they can be preserved until implanted, which must again be done with special care.

Know-how is necessary because hair transplantation may not fail. If it does fail, the result shall affect the person’s external appearance and consequently his / her psychology.

That is why there is no room for experimentation.

A free appointment with Dr. I. Papaggelopoulos shall convince you of the excellent results you may have in your case.