The specialization of the doctors practicing hair transplantation and the infrastructure of the clinics are two of the key factors determining the choice of an interested individual.

As the man or woman who is interested in hair implantation shall be asked to choose and trust the right scientists and the special center to proceed to a move which is decisive for their appearance, they should be particularly attentive.

In some cases, the clinics are selected on the basis of “low” prices, without calculating the result, which, at best, may be uninteresting. However, the worst might happen and the transplantation may leave visible scars, yielding the opposite of the desired results.

With the evolution of science and the year-long experience, Dr. John Papaggelopoulos and the HAIRTRANSPLANT team can guarantee not only the best aesthetic result, but also the best personalized treatment.

So, the specialization is, and should be, one of the key factors for the proper choice of doctor and clinic for any hair procedure. From a “simple” treatment, to the most difficult cases of hair transplantation.

As in many cases, it is about techniques falling within the field of microsurgery, the only ones authorized to implement a transplant technique are plastic surgeons and specialized, experienced dermatologists.

That is why when people are invited, through advertisements, to choose a clinic and a doctor because they are “cheaper and better”, let them remain cautious.

They must first and foremost carefully search the market to find out what is exactly happening, since there are not only a few times when the “cheaper and better” works misleadingly, since it describes something general which has nothing to do with the necessary personalized diagnosis, which needs to be done by a specialist for the appropriate treatment.

Dr. Ioannis Papaggelopoulos and the HAIRTRANSPLANT team have been following the most modern and innovative hair transplant techniques for years, carefully following all the safety protocols and european rules and regulations governed by the European Union Law.

That is why the facilities in both Athens and other countries (Cyprus, Malta, Albania) where HAIRTRANSPLANT clinics operate, meet all the necessary specifications and are specially engineered to make hair transplants.

They have the newest technology medical equipment, so that the result of the services provided is not just the best, but to approach perfection in all respects.