Hair Cloning

What is hair cloning?

Hair cloning is a process which includes:

  • the extracting cells from hair follicles
  • the genetic cultivation of cellular DNA in the laboratory
  • the re-implanting of the cells in the scalp to continue producing new hair follicles, resulting in a recurrent hair growth.

This method is still at an experimental stage and is considered to be the most effective solution to hair growth in the future.

The stem cells removed in the first phase of the process, when re-implanted, are then able to reproduce a new follicle. Subsequently, the hair grows normally, offering an absolutely natural result.

Method advantages

Since the method of hair cloning shall be perfected, it can offer many advantages:

  • Re-implanted hair shall not stand out from the rest, nor will it be discarded by the body as it contains the genetic material of the individual itself.
  • There are no restrictions regarding the amount of hair that can be added.
  • When the method becomes widespread, it shall cost less than traditional hair implantation methods, as it does not require a large group of surgeons to perform it.

Where does the method focus on?

The key points that hair cloning focuses on are:

  • The type of cells to be selected for reproduction
  • The ensuring that cell culture and reproduction are 100% effective
  • Proper placement in the problematic area of the scalp, in order to facilitate an effective growth.

Difficulties of the method

One of the main problems is that clinical trials have not yet been conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of the method. In order for the conclusions to be fully formulated, the method should be tested in a large number of individuals, comparing its effects against other methods.

Also, an inhibitory factor is the fact that each organism is different and thus the skin, along with the hair follicles, may not respond to the treatment as it is about a gene modification of the hair follicles. But, if it succeeds, then cloning is definitely the easiest solution to dealing with thinning and baldness.

The hair cloning method has only been tested in mice, and is expected to be applied to humans as well. In later stages, scientists believe they shall be able to set off a stem cell stimulation, which in turn shall lead to hair follicle regeneration.