PRP Treatment

The PRP Platelet Rich Plasma and Enhancement of Hair Transplantation (an autologous regeneration and tissue redevelopment method via the platelet-rich plasma) is an innovative method for treating hair loss in men and women. It is based on platelet-rich blood plasma and its direct infusion into the scalp areas of the head, which present a thinning.

Particular features and steps of the method

As a method, the PRP is particularly effective both as a hair loss treatment and as a hair transplantation enhancement therapy. The method is not indicated in areas where there is no presence of follicles. The protocol for hair loss PRP treatment is applied by specialized doctors under strict hygiene and safety conditions and includes the following steps:

  • Simple blood sampling (such as the performing of a blood tests) of 10 up to 50 cc of blood
  • Centrifugation of the blood to isolate the plasma
  • Infusion of the enriched plasma into the thinned areas of the scalp

How safe is the PRP method?

The fact that the material comes from the organism itself makes the PRP method absolutely safe for the human health without any side effects. The method is applied by specialized doctors and is a simple and totally painless procedure. It is also important to add that the PRP itself is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory biological material and therefore provides antiseptic conditions.

The PRP method has been applied for several years, with very impressive results in the healing of ulcers, orthopedic or chronic wounds, burns and surgical incisions.

The role of Growth Factors in the treatment of hair loss

Plasma contains red and white blood cells, platelets, proteins, various nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and helps their movement into the body’s circulatory system. Two of the plasma components of interest in the PRP are cytokines (growth, differentiation and immune response proteins) and the growth factors.

The growth factors are proteins which are found in our body and help it repair the tissues that are malfunctioning or damaged, developing a re-developmental and regenerative action. This is achieved by the reactivating of the weak adult stem cells in the area of tissue repair and proliferation-regenerating of the cells of this area.

Since plasma and platelets contain growth factors, we increase the amount of growth factors through the PRP treatment, thereby triggering a larger number of adult stem cells which give the genetic order for the re-functioning of the target area and, as a result, what is achieved is the self-repairing of the dysfunctions in a shorter time and with greater efficiency.

In the subject of hair loss, the reactivation of the hair follicles which are malfunctioning is achieved and, as a result, they are able to give new hair, strengthening, greater diameter and length to the existing ones.

What cases is the PRP hair loss treatment applied in?

The PRP treatment is applied to both men and women and in cases of initial or advanced hair thinning:

  • For the treatment of androgenetic alopecia
  • To enhance the effect of hair transplantation
  • To treat hair loss of various causes
  • To prevent hair loss

Results of the PRP treatment

The results from the application of hair loss treatment with PRP are impressive and concern both the quality and the quantity of hair, as hair loss is permanently inhibited in most cases and we can keep the result stable.

The PRP assists in the regeneration and activation of hair follicles, as it “forces” the body to react in a strong but completely natural way to their hypofunction, as it feeds the area of infusion with activated cells which undertake the regeneration process.