Stem cells

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are progenitor cells that contribute to the origination of all other cells in the human body. Stem cells are at the forefront of the ever-evolving field of cell therapy. Scientists are constantly discovering new revolutionary and promising methods for the application of stem cells, as they have the ability to reproduce or differentiate into cells of other types.

One of the most modern experimental therapies that seem to gain ground in the treatment of male alopecia is applied by using stem cells. It is about a method based on the use of our own organism’s factors, such as the stem cells present in the fat. Research suggests that these factors enhance the vitality of the scalp, slowing down the natural aging of the hair follicle, while they are simultaneously refreshing the cells.

What are the steps of the treatment?

  • Collection: At this first stage we have the collection of fat, which is performed easily and fast, without requiring any anesthesia or a particular discomfort for the patient.
  • Transfer: The fat is isolated in the laboratory, where the stem cells are grown under strict conditions. When ready, the stem cells give some amounts of protein, which are necessary for the process.
  • Application: When applying, the growth of hair follicles is promoted and the stem cells are activated to produce new hair. There is no need for many sessions for the final result to show, and this application is the best, especially for patients who do not want to undergo or are deemed unsuitable for hair transplantation.

Method results

As a result, hair loss is significantly reduced, while the hair appears denser and healthier. First, a small liposuction is performed under local anesthesia, and with the use of a very small needle, fat is taken from the abdomen, which is sent to the laboratory, in order for the stem cells to be cultivated. All of these are injected into the area where there is a thinning or hair loss. The procedure is harmless, since no drugs are used, and painless, because it is performed using very fine needles. This method is still at an experimental stage and we shall have more information about its effectiveness in the coming years.

Key advantages

One of the most important advantages of the method is that a small number of hair follicles are needed to implantation of mesenchymal – stem cells in the thinning areas.


  • It shall have permanent results
  • It shall give a new perspective on hair transplantation, since it will now be possible to apply to the technique since people who do not have an adequate hair growth on some part of the scalp.

The intensive stem cell research is going to be one of the most alternative treatment options in the treatment of hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did stem cells emerge?

At an early stage, medical researchers used cells from the skin, the so-called dermal fibroblasts. These have been combined with some specific genes, which have transformed these cells into stem cells that have the potential to be converted to any type of cell in the body. The conclusion? They can also be converted to the type which affects hair growth, offering guaranteed results.

Is the stem cell method ideal even for difficult cases of thinning?

According to experts, the stem cell method can offer positive results, even to people who, in early adulthood, preserve a premature thinning or are experiencing a specific type of alopecia. Finally, it may be the ideal method for people who are not ideal candidates to undergo hair implantation under anesthesia.