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Welcome to the first specialized Medical Center for hair transplant and restoration in Athens. Our medical centre is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and the reconstructive surgery in both men and women.

The surgery of hair transplantation is performed using the innovative techniques of transplantation of the follicular unit of the hair by the dermatologist – dermatologic surgeon Dr Ioannis Papangelopoulos and his team. The experience of many years in hair transplants and the thousands of operations that we have carried out in Greece and Cyprus over the past few years have classified us into one of the best centers for hair transplant in Europe.

The main characteristics that distinguish our medical center from others are our expertise in surgical hair restoration, the sincere way in which we address the problems of our patients with all possible options, and the strong aesthetic judgment we have as professionals when we perform hair transplants.

The medical center for transplant and hair restoration in Athens is perhaps the only one in which the transplant is carried out by specialist surgeons and the only in which all the specific doctors (dermatologic surgeon, plastic-surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses) which are needed in such a difficult technical procedure are present in order to have a painless and successful operation.

Our expectation is to offer high quality, effective and permanent solutions against hair loss.

Yours Sincerely

Ioannis Papangelopoulos

Dermatologist – dermatologic surgeon

General Secretary of the Greek Society for Hair transplant

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